Effective Buying Income


Money goes a lot farther in Odessa–your capital investment and your customer's buying power.

Odessa MSA - 2013 Population
Ector County 144,325
City of Odessa 106,102
Number of Households   49,972

Source:  US Census Bureau


Effective Buying Income
 2012 Ector County Midland County
Number of Households 49,972 52,634
Effective Buying Income    
Total EBI ($000) 2,308,047 3,110,960
Median Household EBI 36,009 43,055
Average Household EBI 46,187 59,106
Per Capita EBI 22,434  31,056 

Sources: **Neilsen Solution Center 2012

Note: EBI – Effective Buying Income is defined as money income less personal tax payments or “disposable” or “after tax” income.