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Property & Sales Tax

  • Odessa, Texas offers some of the lowest property tax rates in the country. Ad valorem (according to the value) property taxes are paid to the city, county, local school district, hospital district and junior college district. Following is the tax rate set by each taxing entity.

    Property Tax

    2016 Tax Rate
    City of Odessa $0.00470590
    Ector County $0.00370000
    Farm to Market $0.00000
    Independent School District $0.01150000
    Junior College $0.00204650
    Hospital District $0.00082500
    Utility District (west Odessa outside city limits using city water) $0.00084985
    Totaling (excluding Utility District)  $0.02277740

    Sales Tax

    Retail Sales Tax Rate
    City of Odessa 1.00% 
    City-Economic Development 0.25% 
    Hospital District/County 0.75% 
    State of Texas 6.25% 
    Total 8.25%