Experience backs momentum: Odessa’s energy potential.

For nearly a century, Odessa has been a central hub for oil supply and manufacturing from its location in the Permian Basin. While companies in the region still stand to lead these fields, the collective experience is primed to help area businesses capitalize on new technology and innovation in related industries.

Existing technologies offer continued potential in operations involving the supply of oil, gas and mining, such as with Grupo Cementos De Chihuahua. As a leading cement and concrete producer in the United States and Mexico, the company recently announced it would invest $750 million in expanding its Odessa plant to increase production capacity by more than one million metric tons by mid-2025. Additionally, the project will lower the plant’s greenhouse gas intensity by approximately 13%.

Momentum is building future technologies in Odessa with projects like Nacero’s innovative fuel project. The company recently announced plans to build a $7 billion manufacturing facility to produce sustainable aviation fuel and gasoline without sulfur at approximately half the lifecycle carbon footprint of traditional gasoline.

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