Business made simple in Odessa

businessman in front of machineryRegardless of where an entity is on its business life cycle, one word describes the experience in Odessa: simplicity! The ODC and the entire economic community work tirelessly to ensure the business process is quick and efficient. For example, the permitting department provides a two- to eight-week turnaround time for issuing necessary permits.

The ODC is dedicated to growing its economic base by attracting and relocating businesses to Odessa. For those ready to move to Odessa, contact the ODC today to receive more information on site selection or relocation assistance. We will make it easy to get the necessary answers to get started.

Odessa also invests in itself. The ODC is ready to help local businesses interested in expanding existing operations that will create new jobs in Odessa. Contact the ODC today to begin applying for ODC assistance that will help you fund your vision.

Economic Development Assistance Guidelines

  • Businesses requesting assistance must fall within the legal guidelines of the types of operations ODC can help. As a Type A sales tax entity, any incentives offered by the ODC must be dedicated to promoting new or expanding industrial and manufacturing activities. The Development Corporation Act of 1979 requires a development corporation composed of a five-member board of directors who oversee using tax dollars in the economic development process.  In Odessa, this board is the Odessa Development Corporation (ODC). The Act stipulates that the city shall approve all programs and expenditures of the ODC and shall annually review any financial statements of the ODC. The city will always have access to the books and records of the ODC.
  • Formula calculations based on application information determine the type and amount of incentives that may be available.
  • The ODC Compliance Committee reviews the application and calculations to prepare a recommendation to the ODC Board, which must be approved by both the ODC and City Council before an official contract is signed.
  • Considerations for awarding assistance include the number of jobs created when a new business moves in, the required employee skills, available salary ranges and the length of time a company will stay in Odessa.

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