Odessa, TX Has the Workforce!

Odessa, TX Has the Workforce! Main Photo

10 Nov 2023


Businesses located in Odessa, TX, have access to a skilled, educated, and talented workforce! Odessa calls the Permian Basin home, which has long offered the oil and gas industries ample supply and opportunity for success. The city continues to progress beyond just these industries. Other target industries thriving here include retail/trade, educational services, accommodation services, healthcare/social assistance, food and hospitality services, and public administration.

Talented Workforce Helping Odessa Businesses Succeed!

The Odessa Development Corporation (ODC) is dedicated to helping businesses that are located here thrive. One way the ODC is accomplishing this is by compiling in-depth information on the workforce in the area. Site selectors and business owners now have access to the most up-to-date workforce data in Odessa, thanks to the ODC’s efforts. Click here to view the free online workforce data profile and get to know the talent and industries that are thriving here!