Odessa: Ideal Location for Business

Odessa: Ideal Location for Business Main Photo

15 Nov 2023


Odessa, TX, is a hub for businesses to thrive due to our many location advantages! Odessa is located in the heart of the Permian Basin, with a community of nearly 120,000 residents. The city is located halfway between Fort Worth and El Paso and is under a six-hour drive to Dallas, Austin, and San Antonio. Businesses located in Odessa have access to multiple interstate highways, including 1-20.

Location Advantages for Business in Odessa!

Businesses that choose to locate in Odessa also have access to two airports and a dependable rail system, both of which help businesses with the transportation of raw materials to Texas, North America, and international markets. Companies have ample access to oil, natural gas, and sustainable energy options. Click here to learn more about Odessa and see why more companies, across diverse industries, are choosing the city as its home.