Incentives for Businesses in Odessa

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22 Nov 2023


Businesses that are located in Odessa can benefit from a variety of incentives! A combination of local and state incentives are available, depending on your business needs. The Odessa Development Corporation (ODC) is dedicated to ensuring the success of the economy and businesses in the area. One way the ODC is accomplishing this mission is by offering incentives that maintain existing industries and incentives to attract new businesses and industries to the area.

Doing Business in Odessa Pays Off!

These incentives include infrastructure improvement grants, property tax incentives, training & workforce development, and more! The state of Texas proactively invests in the future of the state’s economy by offering competitive incentives to companies. This is aimed at creating more jobs while driving innovation forward. Click here to learn more about the state and local incentives that Odessa businesses can benefit from today!